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July 31, 2011
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DW : Harada Tomomi by rurimon DW : Harada Tomomi by rurimon
Application for :iconthedigitalwar: *7*

Ah~ finally~ Creating a digimon is really hard indeed. I'm working on the champion, ultimate, and its mega form. But i haven't get any idea for its champion form. Though i got its ultimate and mega.

i re-make Tomomi's full body ref. There are some changes on her outfit ovo;;

:star:Edit 2:star:
i updated the Champion & Ultimate form~! Only the Mega one left *7* Check their skills below~

:star:Edit 3:star:
I'M SO INCONSISTENT ;;;;; /SOB a-anyway i hope this is the last. Hope you like it~



Name: Harada Tomomi
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Digivice: touch-screen smartphone (lol idk)
Digital Shard: The Astra - Love :iconcrestofloveplz:
Height: 168 cm
Nationality: Japanese
      Caring, enthusiastic, smiles a lot, and strong person. Tomomi doesn't hesitate to pick a fight with someone who dare to lure her.
      Talkactive sometimes, because when she was in the real world, she doesn't talk much. Friendly with everyone who nice to her. She also easily annoyed, quiet sensitive, and a bit childlish.

      She lives in Japan since she was born. Her family runs a boutique. She has a siscon big brother. Her parents are protective towards Tomomi, since she is an only daughter. Her big brother promised to their parents that he'll be always protect Tomomi.
      Her brother secretly knows about Umemon. Tomomi always talking to Umemon about her daily life. Her big bro's first thought, Umemon was a doll that its origin is unknown and finally revealed it by hear them chatting in Tomomi's room. He promised to Tomomi to keeps it as a secret and never let their parents know about digimon.
      Tomomi works as a fashion model & helping her family boutique. Her big brother is a fashion designer and asked Tomomi to be his model. Since then, she worked as a fashion model for magazines & ads. But she refuses to take any job when she doesn't want to. She have spare her time with her partner too.
      How she met Pitamon >> short comic : [link]
      Tomomi was 9 back then, she was having a family trip to a park where she can watch ume blossoms. But her parents left them because they have some works to do and Kouya (Tomomi's big brother) was accompany her. Then Tomomi asked him to take a photo of her beside a tree. When Kouya took her photo, an egg suddenly fell from above and hitted Tomomi's head. Curious about that, Tomomi decided to take it to home. Few moments later, something is gong to hatch from the egg and a digimon appeared. It called itself "Pitamon".

    - Fashions
    - Swimming pool
    - Honey
    - Mall
    - Digimons
    - being annoyed & teased
    - Stinks
    - Slimes
    - Papparazis, stalkers

Digimon Partner
Umemon has loving personality, loyal to its partner, loves pretty things & brave. She loves to see Tomomi with pretty dresses and seeing her in magazines.
It has hard times when it's bored, and Tomomi wasn't there it just bounced around Tomomi's room and sometimes running away if it has chance.
It dislikes sad love-story (rofl), digimons or humans who hurts the others.
Its has holy-ring like in its hands & claws on its feet.
Umemon loves sweets & fruits for its food, but usually eats anything it likes.
    A fairy digimon whose name and design are derived from 'ribbon' (Indonesian : pita). It has ribbon-shaped ears and tail.
    Level : In Training
    Attacks :
      Red Rope (attacking the foe by bind them up)

    A (plant) hybrid digimon whose name is derived from "Ume" / japanese plum. It has holy-ring-like in both its hands and has claws in its feet.
    Level : Rookie
    Type : Plant Hybrid Digimon
    Attribute : Vaccine
    Family : Nature Spirit, Wind Guardians, Virus Busters
    Attacks :
      - Black Apricot (Shaped like apricot fruit with black color. Used for confusing foe & gives a chance to escape from the foe. )
      - Plum bomb (Attacking the enemy by throwing bombs from distance.)
      - Root pierce (Short-range attack by kicking & using its claw to defeat the enemy for countless time.)

    A beast digimon whose name and design are derived from the dog "Basset". It has bells both on its ears.
    Level : Champion
    Type : Beast Type Digimon
    Attribute : Vaccine
    Family : Nature Spirit, Wind Guardians, Virus Busters
    Attacks :
      - Silent kill (slash the foe with claw in one attack)
      - Wrath of Canine (slash the foe countless time with its claws)

    A warrior digimon whose name and design are derived from "Enlil", Mesopotamian god of wind. It has butterfly wing at the side of its head.
    Level : Ultimate
    Type : Warrior Type Digimon
    Attribute : Vaccine
    Family : Nature Spirit, Wind Guardians, Virus Busters
    Attacks :
      - Divine Wind : Inflicts huge amount of wind storm to the enemy.
      - Wrath of Warrior : Critical hits on the foe with its sword on both of its hands
      - Butterfly Mirror : Causing confuse on the foe by trapping them around mirrors and get an advantage to attack the foe while they're confused.

    A God Man digimon whose name and design are derived from The Goddess of Dawn and Revelry "Ame no Uzume" of Japanese mythology.
    Level : Mega
    Type : God Man Digimon
    Attribute : Vaccine
    Family : Nature Spirit, Wind Guardians, Virus Busters
    Attacks :
      - Saki Mitama : Healing ability. Fully restores energy
      - Tonbogiri (Mega Slicer) : (derived from the name "Tonbogiri", one of three legendary Japanese spear) It is able to cut enemies in a light beam.
      - Heaven's Light : a warm light surrounding in the battle area, purifiying evil beings into a digi-tama/digi-egg.
      - Gale Harmony : Inflicts a huge amount of light & wind attacks from the sky.

Additional info:
    - Tomomi means "beautiful friend"
    - Loves Sushi & ramen
    - She wears a necklace (Digi shard of love).
    - She has lots of shoes. But she prefer boots
    - Loves Korean drama & boybands.
    - Loves Purikura photobox
    - Her hair is actually dark brown, but after graduated from high school, she dyed her hair.
    - Has fears on ghosts.
    - Dislikes papparazzi

    - Taiyo (~AdmirenKiwi)
    - Odelia (~AraRouge)
    - Rang Bi (*Saint-Chimaira)
    - Ying (*cherubchan)
    - Alyssa (*DawnieChan)
    - Lano (~Grooth)
    - Tien (*babo-sparkle)
    - Akari (~tenshiuta127)
    - Chayce (=minjei)
    - Hiiro (=frank-einstein)
    if i forgot someone, please tell me!

Note : more informations and higher levels will updated soon

akldalshd i'm fail... orz my english seems terrbile :iconohgodwhyplz:

Feel free to rp & draw her~ C:
I rp through comment, dA Chat, MSN, & pictures
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